Cookies & Cream Milkshake

Cookies and cream is a classic combination. And when you have kids in the house, cookie jar is like a permanent fixture in your pantry. So here is a quick recipe for a nutritious cookies and cream milk shake to satisfy your hunger pangs. I have shared the recipe for the cookies used in the recipe in one of my previous blogs. Here is a link to the Chocolate oats & coconut cookies.


  1. Chocolate oats & coconut cookies  – 3 or 4
  2. Coco Powder – 1.5 tbsp
  3. Oats – 2 tbsp
  4. Almond powder – 2 tbsp
  5. Cow’s Milk – 1.5 cups
  6. Whipped cream – a scoop


  1. Grind the cookies, cocoa powder, oats and almond powder together.
  2. Add cold milk to this and blend till mostly most. Some cookie chunk in the milkshake are always welcome.
  3. Pour in a mason jar or tall glass. Top it with a dollop of whipped cream and drizzle cocoa powder over the cream. Serve cold.

I ways do this with my left over cookies. You can replace the milk with soy milk or coconut milk if you like that flavour. You could also add a tablespoon  of protein powder to it to make it healthier. My family absolutely loves it! What about yours?