How many times have you tried to bake or cook using recipes from famous chefs only to find that the result is not to your expectations at all? 

At FreshBakes, our goal is to make you recipe independent! Our workshops will help you to:

  • develop an appreciation for the cuisine and understand what makes it so special and unique. 
  • understand the right ingredients used by masters of each cuisine in respective countries, how these ingredients play with each other to give that unique taste, and replacements to be used when the original ingredients are hard to find locally in India.
  • understand the right Techniques that recipes rarely describe yet are so critical to create a perfect dish!

All workshops, conducted in small groups, allow you to watch all demonstrations up close and even participate from time to time. The small group format also facilitates plenty of discussion allowing you to clear your doubts and even bounce your ideas. You can then head back to your kitchen and start experimenting to wow your friends and family!

Our Workshops….

Baking Made Easy

Tea-Time Cakes

Cupcakes and Muffins

International Desserts

Exotic Desserts

Just Breads

Italian Cooking

Thai Cooking

Mexican Cooking