Zucchine Al Forno – Side by Side

Side dishes have always been important in meals not just in India but all over. A side is typically a food item that accompanies the main course. It is usually served in a small portion and is responsible for elevating the eating experience of the main course. In most meals, the main function of the side dish is to improve the nutritive value of the the meal and hence salads are the most common sides. Additionally, the sides need to be in accordance with the meal theme, provide balance of flavour and contrasting texture.  To put it simply,  the main function of a side dish is to tantalise the taste buds and make eating a great experience . In Italian food, often along with pastas, garlic bread, salads, vegetable gratin etc are good accompaniments. Continue reading “Zucchine Al Forno – Side by Side”

La Mia Pasta….

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”, said William Shakespeare in  Romeo and Juliet. Well, I would agree and disagree with both. Those of you who have visited Italy or have got an exposure to Italian food would be in the same frame of mind. There are nearly  300 plus varieties of pastas and they have those many names! I would agree with Shakespeare that call it by whatever name,  pastas are to die for!  At the same time when paired with a sauce and filled with a stuffing, each pasta dish is unique in itself. Continue reading “La Mia Pasta….”