Homemade Paneer

With India in complete lockdown, it is our duty as citizens not to venture out of homes as much as possible. But with everyone at home, it is imperative that all are well-fed and happy. Paneer dishes are so popular with most Indians with an additional advantage of being rich in proteins. I often make paneer at home for a couple of reasons. Firstly, homemade paneer is yummier and healthier without any additives and secondly I can make it out of cow’s milk.  I prefer the cow’s milk version for obvious reasons-:) Continue reading “Homemade Paneer”

Sprouted Mung Side – Goan Style

Last couple of months have been tough world wide! The mayhem caused by the the virus COVID 19 continues and we all are trying to stay safe. We can take care by staying indoors, by practising social distancing and staying healthy and calm.  To stay healthy it is important to consume healthy food, food that is rich in protein. It is common knowledge that proteins are a very important part of  our diet. Not only do they build and repair body tissue but they also help to fight viral and bacterial infections. So this function of proteins of increasing the body immunity to fight infections is what is really important today.  Continue reading “Sprouted Mung Side – Goan Style”